[RESOLVED] fail to register saying 'Method not allowed'

i added 2 accounts just as outlined in the asterisk book (asterisk
the ‘sip show peers’ output is:

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status demo-alice (Unspecified) D A 5060 Unmonitored demo-bob (Unspecified) D A 5060 Unmonitored 2 sip peers [Monitored: 0 online, 0 offline Unmonitored: 2 online, 0 offline]
and i can never register these accounts.asterisk doesn’t show me any errors when i try to register the accounts althogh i’m using ‘asterisk -rvvvvv’ option.I’m using Ekiga softphone on ubuntu 10.04.Ekiga shows me that ‘Method not allowed’ error when i register from the PC on which asterisk is installed.another Windows pc on the network using XLite gives the same error.

thanks in advance for your help.

Did you check the firewall?

Can you post the output of the “sip set debug on” in the Asterisk CLI?

“sip set debug on” traces needed.

thanks for your reply.
‘sip set debug on’ didn’t give me any output in the CLI.i try to register and i don’t get any output.
for the firewall thing,‘ufw’ is disabled here.
i also ran the command:

iptables -A INPUT -p udp --destination-port 5060 -j ACCEPT
to be sure that udp port 5060 is open.


Sounds like Asterisk isn’t sending method not allowed, then, and the Linux firewall won’t. You need to find out what is sending it.

it seems that only Asterisk and Ekiga are using sip port 5060.

here is the output from ‘sudo netstat -t -u -l -n --program | grep 5060’

Active Internet connections (only servers) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name udp 0 0* 3063/ekiga udp 0 0* 1629/asterisk

and the output from ‘lsof -i | grep sip’

asterisk  1629 asterisk   17u  IPv4  13174      0t0  UDP *:sip 
ekiga     3063   sokrat   36r  IPv4  32262      0t0  UDP sokrat-VR440:sip

could it be anything wrong with the installation?
should i give up and use AsteriskNow?


i’m pretty sure that asterisk is the program sending ‘Method not allowed’.it is the only sip server running on my machine.

AsteriskNow will not help. You cannot, sensibly, run two SIP applications on the same machine, unless you override the port number on one of them.

It was not obvious that you were trying to do this on one macine, in your original question.

You have two SIP servers running on your machine. Ekiga also acts as a server when it is called (and Asterisk acts as a client when it is calling).

thanks david65.closing Ekiga and connecting from another machine solved it.now i have a hell of an output on the CLI to be posted here :smiley: !.

here’s the output from ‘sip show peers’:

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status demo-alice/demo-alice D A 39932 Unmonitored demo-bob (Unspecified) D A 5060 Unmonitored


sorry for that,but that’s what i’ve been doing all along on the windows machine.it was Axon or 3CX instead of asterisk.