[RESOLVED]Basic config for forwarding to cellphone or analog

it’s been three days that I had installed AsteriskNOW. I was posting this message into the asteriskNOW forum, but my installation is ok, so I think it’s more an Asterisk question…

I’m completly new to this technology. What we want to do seems very simple but I can’t figure it out… I’m only able now to let the box answer the incoming call.

We want to use a analog phone line that we already have. I want the box to:

  • answer the call (no problem here)
  • play a welcome message (no problem here)
  • tell the caller that if he know the extension dial it now (no problem here)
  • if not press 1 to list the user (no problem here)

if the user press 1 it list all the extension user by playing a file (no problem here)

the difficult part for me is the next one…

if the user press the user extension 100, it ring on the analog phone pluged into the card.
if the user press the user extension 101, it foward the call to my cellphone.

Any idea where to start? I’m reading docs, howto, faq, wiki and searching forums, website, google for three days, but I didn’t find how to do this… but it seems to be simple!!!

Any help?

Thx a lot

sorry for my poor english

I found this good tuto: asteriskdocs.org/modules/tin … /hgta.html