[RESOLVED] Announce Override for Queues in Asterisk 1.8


I am wanting to play to the operator a gsm sound file containing more info about the caller origin when they receive a call in a queue.

By default, queues are configured to let the operator know that this was not specified:

in queues.conf

This is working fine.

The idea is now for each queue, we will overwrite this settings as offered in the documentation

; An announcement may be specified which is played for the member as ; soon as they answer a call, typically to indicate to them which queue ; this call should be answered as, so that agents or members who are ; listening to more than one queue can differentiated how they should ; engage the customer

So in extensions.conf

However, the console keeps on:

== --> Entering the sales_FR queue -- Executing [11@extensions:5] Queue("SIP/0001-00000038", "sales_FR,,announce = queue-xxx-sales-en") in new stack -- Started music on hold, class 'manual', on channel 'SIP/0001-00000038' == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5 -- SIP/0070-00000039 is ringing -- SIP/0070-00000039 is ringing -- SIP/0070-00000039 is ringing -- SIP/0070-00000039 answered SIP/0001-00000038 -- <SIP/0070-00000039> Playing 'queue-unspecified.gsm' (language 'en') -- Stopped music on hold on SIP/0001-00000038

In other words, asterisk does not take care of the override…

Of course, all necessary reloads were processed.


It seems you are missing one more comma (,)
Also you don’t need to write “announce=” just mention the announcement on the announceoverride place and it will detect itself.

The actual pattern for 1.8 is:

try this:

Sohaib Khan