Request Sent

Hello all,

I am using Asterisk@Home ver 2.6. The issue is that at the end of the day when i check the ‘SIP SHOW REGISTRY’, i see the following information:

This gets resolved when i reboot the Asteisk Server. I am fed up of restarting the Asterisk Server daily.

Could anyone please help me to know why I am getting the below messages and how can i resolve it?

Host Username Refresh State 956XXXX 30 Request Sent 956YYYY 30 Request Sent 956ZZZZ 30 Request Sent
Verbosity is at least 3

Thanks in advance


I am having the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?

i used to have the same problem.
i discovered that port 5060 is used by another application since i dont not know what application i decided/opted to
change the port of my asterisk to 5066 (instead of the default 5060)and since im behind a nat/router
i also open/forward port 5066 to asterisk server.
i hope that this help.