Request for any recommendations for NW UK suppliers

Hi there,

We are currently experiencing an ongoing problem that we have been unable to resolve. The issue is dicussed here in more detail:


After giving up on our existing system I am looking for recommendations for phone system suppliers. We are interested in someone who is happy to swap out the switch, help troubleshoot our issue and install and configure the new system to ensure we migrate smoothly over to it.

Anyone had any good experiences with any good phone system suppliers?

There are not that many regulars here and I suspect most or all of them build their own systems from PCs and cards, whereas you want a turnkey solution. news:uk.telecom might be better, although it will still attract a lot of DIY types.

Does your previous supplier own the hardware?

We own the hardware. It’s linux box with some form of asterik running underneath with a web interface on top. It works fine apart from having to reboot the system every week.

Not all regulars are using PC’s and cards, We only supply on HP Intel Based servers with digium cards or Xorcom turnkey solutions. :laughing: