Remove 00 from OUTBOUND Caller ID

I’m trying to define in asterisk 1.8 outbound route a dial pattern that would performing something like:
Dialed: 009242 33333333
Output: 95659242 33333333

How do I remove the 00 and set 9565 for international calls.

Thank you

Set the new caller id from the old using the standard : operators for taking substrings of variables (they also work for functions), in the same way as you would use them to strip a 9 (or 0) from ${£XTEN} on an outgoing call.

The above assumes you want to do this on Asterisk. If you want to do it on FreePBX, this is the wrong place.

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Yes I am using asterisk 1.8.

Asterisk 1.8 is beyond end of life, although nothing has changed in this area.

Note that FreePBX uses Asterisk but takes over so much of the configuration that it is not usually helpful to know how to do things directly with Asterisk.