Remote access

I’m fighting with an Zyxel P2000W WiFi Phone that I am trying to setup to use remotely. I can get the phone to register locally but when I take it elsewhere I cannot get it to register even when I set the asterisk box and the phone to be dmz hosts.

Is this beyond the scope of SIP? I have seen many tutorials on how-to with IAX, but none for SIP as of yet. Do I need a stun server or something of that nature. Any advice in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I have a Zyxel P2000W myself and when I bought it I put a lot of effort in getting it remotely registered. It can be done. I add a howto to a wiki. The bad news is that it is a Dutch wiki so you might have some trouble reading the explaination but the configs are there.

I am not going to translate the whole story for you but don’t hesitate to ask

Good luck.