Remote Access to Asterisk Server

I usually have to connet to my asterisk servers to do maintance & support, and I normally do using SSH across the WAN.

Unfortunately, there is sometime where I can not access due problems with the WAN…

I known that old PBX normally allow modem access… I am aware that it should be pretty easy to setup a RAS access on Linux using a modem, but would like to known what alternatives is using people for remote/modem access… Ideally, I would not need to use an additional analog line for the remote access by modem… I was thinking on using IAXModem or similiar, but that would not allow me to acess the system if Asterisk crashed or is down…

Try Hamachi, it is auto config VPN. I use this to monitor my asteriks servers.


That doesn’t really take care of the problem of if the WAN connection goes down, although a VPN connection is not a bad idea for when you do have access through the WAN. I’m no security expert, but I believe SSH straight into a server is still a security risk. I think what you’re looking for is something along the lines of this:

Keep in mind that this howto is based on Red Hat and you may have to install some of the packages discussed in this article if you’re not running RH. I would suggest installing a seperate modem and phone line for this purpose, although I’m sure there are other ways of doing this.

Hope that helps.

You can consider this,

  1. Get one of the PortMAster consoles, that u can get cheap on Ebay,
  2. Connect Serial Port of PortMaster to the Serial port of the Asterisk box on remote end.
  3. Add Modem of PortMaster and configure the dial-in

Now you can access the console using Hyperterminal or similar application by logging into portmaster. This is good when the network is down or linux box is not responding to the network.

I used above to manage pool of Linux servers in my data center previously. Worked like a charm