Reloading conf files


I am wondering if there is anything else to do instead of rebooting the server when I change config files like iax or extensions.conf.

Normally I reboot the server to take effect of new changes been made. If one changes something in iax or extensions.conf what else can be done to reload it.

Using slackware linux

I am really annoyed everytime I have to reboot server.

a very thank in advance

just do it at the CLI …

heck, you can even create an extension with the System application that does it :smiley:

you might also like this link : … erisk.conf

Another option is in the linux shell you can type in: asterisk -rx reload.
This will reload all the asterisk configs. You can use the reload command also from the CLI.

Forgot to mention that if you go with real time (using mysql) that you can make changes to the DB and there is no reloading needed.

thank you all. It was really helpful

also when you make changes with your AGI script you dont need to reload anything. but make sure its running after all any changes by typing in your Linux CLI for instance “php php_AGI_script.php”