Reload SIP.conf without sending register message


We need to add/remove SIP register lines often, but when we do any on going call is broken, since Asterisk sends a register message for those calls allso. When the provider receives the register message in an ongoing call it automatically replys with a bye message, ending the call.

I would like to supress the register message from reload, and then only rely on the register timer for sending the messages, is that possible?

Or is there some other way we could solv this?

best regards

Find a provider with a compliant SIP implementation.

Yes, like David said. That said, if you are not willing to make that move, you could consider implementing a dedicated signalling proxy (openSIPS) that your customers register to instead of the one baked into Asterisk. openSIPS is superior in every way conceivable. And you can manipulate, modify, add or drop and single SIP frame you want based on criteria that you 100% generate yourself.