Reload command running everyday every 3 mins


Is it ok if I cron job every 3 minutes everyday the reload command? Will there be any future problems if I do this?


I’d rather solve the initial problem…

thanks for your reply, for sure if I’ll tell the main reason it will significantly deviate from the main question but I’ll try to post it in here. Currently using the FreePBX platform which unfortunately got hit by a attack sometime before, now since I am not well familiar with FreePBX and as a normal good precaution if there is any latest update I’ll apply it to my system. Now after the update, users are complaining that no one can do outgoing and receive incoming calls. After digging thru there is a thank-u-oh-oh code that I found out that is attached to my extensions_custom.conf. Every time I remove this code it keeps coming back.

As I said, solve the initial problem or hire someone who can do it for you. The first step would be to analyze your system and possibly your network. This may be easy or not so easy, but likely requires some skills. Knowing the internals of Asterisk and FreePBX would also be helpful…

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