Do a "iax2 reload" every 24 hours...cron?

Hello, ive never setup cron jobs, i figured it would be easy if it was at the bash because thats just linux and i can find tutorials at that.

but insdie the cLI, im not sure how to get started on that?
I want to run “iax2 reload” every 24 or 48 hours or something.

Having problems with i guess refreshing the dns and this fixes it when we run that command…

thank you

what OS are you using ?

Red hat varients let you cron a directory of scripts.

others you edit the crontab directly

a nice explantion is here

but if google is anything to go but there are about 2,410,000 other examples :laughing:


each of our asterisk is about a different distro of linux.

i understand a cron for a bash command, but what about a cron for a asterisk cLI command?



thier is a thread thier that appears to help ill post back

ok i got it going now.

thanks for that link, got me my first crontab :smiley:

As i was browsing i see you can run bash command from the cLI if you put ! before the command.

boy that would have saved me a lot of time in the past


Need to standardize your build then :wink:



Need to standardize your build then :wink:


yea we had some place build one the first time because i didnt know linux that great. They put i think A@H on it.

Then we got another one with AstriskNow (rPath…) because i didnt know linux that great.

Then a guy built one with Debian im sure because thats what he always uses.

Then on the last one i built centos 5 and asterisk from the ground up.
Ill say that im staying with centos now that i can get around in it…