Reliable PSTN termination provider(s)

Hi folks,

sometimes my SIPDiscount account works for PSTN termination but I also often get a “NOANSWER” as reason for connection failure. Anyone with a similar experience or useful tip on a solution to the problem? Are there any more reliable PSTN providers whose rates are as competitive as SIPDiscount?
I chose SIPDiscount over VOIPJet for thier low prices but my clients are quite disappointed with a termination failure rate of roughly 90%


wow !! 90% failure rate … why have they not disappeared already ??

i guess the question of termination provider will largely depend on where you want your calls terminated. i’ve used voipgate in the past and found european calls to be perfect and the rates good. the user interface needs some work, but it’s getting there. and they utilise IAX so less to configure firewall-wise.

have you checked out the wiki for providers ? … s+Business

do you use their Wholesale Operator plan?


no, i’ve only ever used them as an individual or signed clients up with them as customers.


I posted another topic which links to this one… any clues?