Reliable termination to the US? My reviews

I’ve been using a myraid termination providers over the past few months. I haven’t entirely been happy with any of them. I would appreciate some additional recommendations.

Here’s who I’ve delt with so far (I’ve used the orgination services of some of this people, but I’m only reviewing termination for now): - Priced at 1.7/cents a minute, 6/6 billing increments. They never answer their phones, though email support is pretty responsive. Call quality is inconsistant, espcially on international calls. I can’t recommend them for production use. - 1.3/cents min, 6/6 billing increments. Call quality, for the most part, is pretty good. Though reliability seems to be a problem. They maintain 3 or 4 servers, with at least one of them failing per week. Support is non-existant. Emails go unanswered, even those reporting an outage. It’s quite obvious that it’s one guy who has another fulltime job somwhere. - 1 cent/min, 6/6 billing increments. Another budget provider that seems to be run on the side by a single guy. Communication is better than VoIPJet, but a level of professionalism is still lacking. Mixed results with both quality and reilability. I haven’t used them enough to make a clear recommendation, but not being able to get a hold of someone in a timely fashion when I have an issue stops me from using them more. (I couldn’t log into my online CDRs / account balance for over two weeks). - 2.9 cents/min, 60/60 billing increments. Much more expensive than anyone else I’ve used (their 60/60 increments are especially damaging to the wallet). On the flip side, their reliability and level of service has been top-notch. They answer their phones every time and are very proactive about fixing problems. Reliability and quality have been the best of the bunch so far, though I dread using them any more than I have to due to cost.

I need a service that is good at Junction’s, but less expensive. I understand that better quality costs more money, but it shouldn’t cost that much more.

How about having multiple ‘crap’ providers and having it that if one fails the next one takes over ? This is what i have and it seems to be working well. If they all fail it rolls over to my most expensive provider which is also the best that I have.

Yeah, I’ve been doing that. It works ok when a provider’s server just up and disappears into the void. However, there are many times when the calls go through, but the quality is horrible. A dialplan that includes failover logic can’t handle that situation. I’d rather just pay for quality from the outset.

I’ve been very happy with 2 cents a minute 60/1 billing on the pay as you go plan. Excelent quality and good service.

I tried a number of different providers also and have for now settled on


most calls/destination are ZERO cents there.

Using it here, 90% uptime, good quality - i dont need no stinking support :laughing:

If they fail, i fallback to PSNT.
Just using them for long distance anyway.