Rejected because extension not found in context


chan_sip.c:23272 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘1000’ (IPPBX:5060) to extension ‘T123456789’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

How can I remove the letter T to allow calls?


See the sample configuration file for how to strip digits from ${EXTEN}.

How did the T get there in the first place?

Can you explain better?
T is generated by a fax application.

The source code for Asterisk comes with sample configuration files. As they contain the main documentation for those configuration files, anyone providing Asterisk packages, other than for purely GUI use, should include those sample files. Look in the sample extensions.conf file, and it will should you how to strip access digits, but that works equally well for other codes.

As stripping access digits is a fairly fundamental operation, I believe all Asterisk GUIs also provide easy access to this function, but this is the wrong forum to ask about how to configure Asterisk GUIs.

Of course, you could fix the fax application. It is trying to force tone dialing, but probably going to an ATA for which tone dialing doesn’t make sense.