Reject calls on particular queue

Hi All,

I’m not well versed with Asterisk, however I’ve been taking a look at an existing setup and ideally looking to make an adjustment that is probably quite easy.

In this setup there are 3 call queues. In this example we’ll call them one, two and three. Call queues two and three are low-volume queues. Call queue one is a high volume queue at times.

I’m looking to implement something that can disable call queue one with an audio file temporarily if needed (along the lines of “Unfortunately we’re too busy to take your call right now. Please send an email across”), once the audio file has played through simply end the call.

How easy would it be to fulfil this request and if so, could somebody point me towards the direction needed please?


Have you considered doing this automatically, with maxlen, or by using the facilities to skip queues with no agents?

Otherwise, set a global variable and GotoIf based on it. You can define extensions to call to set and clear the variable.