Reinvite still getting originated even after direct media is disabled

I have set directmedia=no; in my pjsip.conf for one endpoint. But still for certain outbound calls made through that endpoint we get reinvites within the calls. I am not sure as of what is causing these reinvites. I am attaching a snapshot of the sip call flow. It would be great if someone could help me identify the reason for SIP reinvite in this case and the way to stop it.

You would need to provide the actual SIP trace from Asterisk (pjsip set logger on) as well as the version of Asterisk in use. A reinvite is used for other things besides direct media.

As @jcolp said reinivte are used for other things beside direct media, for example update a parameter on the current active session, there is no setting on chan_sip to control the Reinvites dont think either on pjsip

There is no one parameter, but you can set settion timiers to refuse and send_rpid to no, a well as setting directmedia, to avoid the re-INVITEs.

Sending any Re-INVITE at all is only a problem if the peer is broken, so what is your reason for wanting to suppress them?

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In my case I can live disabling session timers but disabling the send_rpid option it is not good deal due that could affect the caller id presentation

Thanks I will try this out.

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