Reinstall AsteriskNOW after drive failure

Brief synopsis:
Is there any way for me to run a reinstall of AsteriskNow 6.X (or possibly upgrade?) similar to the “Recover OS” option on a Windows install disc? I have a corrupted install due to a drive failure and I’m hoping there’s a way to recover rather than rebuild from scratch and hope I get all the settings correct again.

Detailed description:
I had a functional install of AsteriskNOW from May 2015 (6.X something). I installed a sound card on my VMware host for an unrelated VM and it freaked out the power settings and corrupted one of the drives in my RAID 5 array. I was able to eventually replace the drive but when everything finally came back up, it appears that some of the VM’s were corrupted somehow.

So I now have an install that wouldn’t boot originally and then said I had to FSCK to boot. There were a ton of errors and I just let it correct everything on it’s own. So now it boots but there’s no network setting listed (eth1) and I don’t know what else it has messed up.

This was on a secondary host that isn’t part of our offsite backup and I can’t find any backups of this. I did take a snapshot a few weeks ago but it doesn’t show in VMware and I can’t seem to recover from that snapshot at this point.