Registration problem

I register in sip. conf using command
register =>

User and password are ok - tested with Xlite.

when typing sip show registry I recive NO registred conns.

Any suggestions why? How to check what is wrong?



sip show peers

I see peers when typing sip show peers - but I cannot get any incoming call (I type sip debug and see no trace of attempting connections) I believe that registry table shall be filled tih registred conn.

Not sure if it is bugged, but i have a registration with a sip provider as well, its up - but also not showing in

sip show registry

but in

sip show peers

Hi to all,

I’m working on aserisk@home integrated in a sme server.
I think it’s a good thing to combinate the two parts, no??

Nevertheless, i have a big problem, which is a problem of writing in files.
In fact, after create a new extension, the files sip_additional.conf doesn’t write the caracteristic of extension.

why in web the extension is created and not in configuration files?

This problem make my phones don’t registry… :question:

Thank you for answer me if you have idee.