Registration ( 400ms to 3000ms ), with low ping latency

Hi from CARTAGENA(Spain):

I have a remote extension via satellite link.
I have ping continuous with times near 200 to 240ms, normally.

However, registration time can vary from 400ms to 3000ms, so i have variation between lagged and unreachable states.

I need some idea to solve this issue.


You can fiddle around with the timers that control Lagged and Unreachable status. This is controled by the “qualify=” settings in sip.conf. Do a quick search and increase timers, so it takes longer until Asterisk declares a device to be Unreachable.

But if you have a lot of problems with qualify status that means that you are having problems with the link. The problems will also appear on VoIP calls for sure.

Hi dejanst:

Thanks for your fast reply.
How can i attach a file ?
In this file, you can see what it´s happening with Ping and Registration time.

Ping time is about 200 ms
Registration tiem varies from 400 ms to 4000ms.

Another local extension, ping is 1ms and registration time is near 60ms. why ?

I don´t know if Registration time is a good parameter to measure the quality of connection.
At several moments in day,being registration and ping time as always, i can do a call to remote extension with good quality and in other moments, i can´t do a call to remote with multiple drops,…

Thanks in advance,

Google what “qualify=yes” parameter actually controls. Hint - it does not measure SIP Registration times.

ping - time between sent ICMP request and received ICMP reply
Asterisk device Status (qualify=yes) - time between sent SIP Option and received SIP response

SIP messages tend to require longer time to get handled on remote devices than ICMP. Perhaps your remote SIP device is the cause of the problem in your case.