Regcontext + realtime + dundi issue on 1.6.2 & 1.8

Hi Asterisk People,

I have an issue with regcontext in asterisk.

When I first set a device it registers to the regcontext and everything is fine:

[ Context ‘iaxautoreg’ created by ‘IAX2’ ]
‘TEST-000001-0001’ => 1. Noop(TEST-000001-0001) [IAX2]

The device shows up in dundi lookup exten@priv, but if the asterisk box restarts for some reason like a crash, that device never seems to be able re-register or show in the dial plan again until I shut asterisk down and empty the following fields in the iaxconf table: regseconds, regserver, port, ip address and then restart the server, this seems to affect both sip and iax devices.

I’m using from source with realtime and dundi, I have also noticed this behaviour on 1.8 from source

Does anyone know why this is happening or how to solve it?

My first post here so hopefully I am helping…

what are the IAX devices you are connecting? Phone or other pbx?

At this stage just a pair of FreePBX’s, simply cant get them to register correctly.