Reg.conference bridges


i have dell pweredge 2800 dual zeon 3.0GHZ twin processor with 4 GB Ram machine configured as astreisk server. i just need to know, how many conference bridges i can set up in this configuration and how many user can meet in single conference bridge? i have the, but did not get the clear pic…

As of now i will be having 24 concurrent calls.

Thanks in advance

We have been able to have a total of 120 ULAW channels in meetme conferences on our single P4 3.2GHz servers without any audio degrading. Using a different codec like GSM/G729 will reduce that number.


I use tdm24xxp with trunk lines and sip users with g729 codecs… Please throw your inputs…

channels in the sense , No of conference bridges or users in the single bridges?

thanks in advance

Any help please?

Thanks in advance

so if i say 500 and it’s wrong ?? seriously, if it’s critical you should allow time and budget to do some load testing of your equipment.


i want to know the numbers interms of experience from you people. and also please do not think, i am asking the exact figure…

Thanks in advance

some people have added their experience here : … mensioning