Reg. CDR tool for asterisk


i have asterisk i need a simple cdr tool for querying call logs from mysql with installtion procedure…

Thanks in advance

you’re kidding right ? you’ve been here long enough to know that the wiki is the first place to look. try “cdr records”, you’ll find a few suitable pages.

No, i am not kidding. i am trying to find a best place where i get page including the sintalltion manual for cdr with Packages…

and baconbuttie already gave you everything you need.

no offense, but you really need to take some initiative - you’re not a newbie anymore, and we are not going to spoon-feed you every single answer to every single question.

please go to the wiki and search as baconbuttie suggested and you will find everything you need to know.


hi, i have installed the cdr tools from and configured as it is. i do have php 4.3.2 installed and mysql standard 5.0.18.

when i run the url to load the database , it shows the follwing error in the page

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect() in /var/www/html/asterisk-stat/lib/DB-modules/phplib_mysql.php on line 75

can any one help me onthe same ?


I have the following the packages installed in it.

  1. mySQL-client-standard-5.0.18-0.rhel3.i386.rpm
  2. MySQL-devel-standard-5.0.18-0.rhel3.i386.rpm
  3. MySQL-server-standard-5.0.18-0.rhel3.i386.rpm
  4. MySQL-shared-standard-5.0.18-0.rhel3.i386.rpm
  5. php-mysql-4.3.2-19.0.rhel3.kde.i386.rpm
  6. Php 4.3.2 installed
  7. Apache 2.0 installed

Still I get the same error. It will be much helpful if you can help me on the same…

is “mysql.allow_persistent” set to “on” in the [MySQL] section of php.ini ?

Dear Ban,

Please find mysql section in the php.ini. mysql.allow_persistent = on already…

; Allow or prevent persistent links.
mysql.allow_persistent = On

; Maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit.
mysql.max_persistent = -1

; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent). -1 means no limit.
mysql.max_links = -1

; Default port number for mysql_connect(). If unset, mysql_connect() will use
; the $MYSQL_TCP_PORT or the mysql-tcp entry in /etc/services or the
; compile-time value defined MYSQL_PORT (in that order). Win32 will only look
mysql.default_port = 3306

; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in
; MySQL defaults.
mysql.default_socket =

; Default host for mysql_connect() (doesn’t apply in safe mode).
mysql.default_host = localhost

; Default user for mysql_connect() (doesn’t apply in safe mode).
mysql.default_user = root

; Default password for mysql_connect() (doesn’t apply in safe mode).
; Note that this is generally a bad idea to store passwords in this file.
; Any user with PHP access can run 'echo get_cfg_var(“mysql.default_password”)
; and reveal this password! And of course, any users with read access to this
; file will be able to reveal the password as well.
mysql.default_password = blaH

; Maximum time (in secondes) for connect timeout. -1 means no limimt
mysql.connect_timeout = -1

; Trace mode. When trace_mode is active (=On), warnings for table/index scans and
; SQL-Erros will be displayed.
mysql.trace_mode = Off

Thanks in advance

have you googled using the start of the error message as a search string ? it’s a PHP error so don’t restrict yourself to asking on the Asterisk forums !