REFER - header reading

Hi there,
I am trying to read the SIP headers (Refer-To and Referred-By) when someone REFER to Asterisk.

Asterisk version: Asterisk 16.24.0

When my SIP client REFERs to Asterisk i can see REFER request in the transfer context with Refer-To and Referred-By headers but when i try to read them in the transfer context like ${SIP_HEADER(Refer-To)} - ${SIP_HEADER(Referred-By)} i don’t see anything there. Not able to read.

Transfer seems to be working fine though.

The process is- client sends REFER, asterisk reply with SIP/2.0 202 Accepted and also NOTIFY

Can anyone faced this ?

The SIP_HEADER dialplan function documentation[1] has details on accessing headers from REFER.

[1] Asterisk 19 Function_SIP_HEADER - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Thank you so much.

Hi Jcop,
I am wondered is there any way to achieve this in Asterisk 11 ?


I don’t remember, and won’t research such things for an old unsupported version of Asterisk.

ya no worries! i had a couple of machines with old versions so i thought if there is a way to retrieve data there. all good!

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