Reading custom headers from REFER message

Hello, i have a Asterisk 16.12 installed on Centos 7 with PJSIP, connected to IBM Gateway, and i have a question:

how can i read custom headers from REFER message response from another SIP Server?

1-Asterisk dial a SIP URI to IBM Gateway
2-IBM Gateway add custom sip header
3-IBM Gateway send SIP REFER message to Asterisk

The transfer is OK, but the call back does not have the custom header

I can’t see anything in RFC 3515 suggesting the UAS should do anything at all with custom headers on the REFER.

header function reads headers from the INVITE request, any other header you need outside the INVITE method, you will need to extract it from the logs

yes, but i have custom headers in REFER message. Not INVITE. that is my problem

Thinking outside the (Asterisk) box…

How about if you write a daemon that reads all REFER and BYE messages promiscuously off the wire.

If it’s a REFER, write all the headers of interest into a database including the call ID, header name, and header value.

If it’s a BYE, delete all rows matching the call ID. Maybe add a delete for rows older than x seconds.

Then, in your dialplan you just read the rows as you need them.

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