Redirecting dialplan function

Hi, everyone.

I have just started using asterisk 15 with FreePBX. How can I set a diversion header correctly with the redirecting function? I connect to the provider via PJSIP, and diversion headers contain only an address and a reason without counter, privacy and screen sections.

Also, in case of multiple diversions, counter should be incremented and previous diversions retained, but there is no counter and previous diversions are substituted by the current one.

I tried to set custom diversion header in a separate context and then use it in the dial application, but in case of multiple diversions it was overwritten with the last diversion header.

Asterisk does not support passing through multiple diversion headers.

I see.

And also, when I try to set diversion parts such as counter, privacy, screen with REDIRECTING(count), REDIRECTING(from-pres), they are not shown in diversion headers. Is this normal?

I’m not that familiar with the dialplan function or the resulting behavior. Someone else may have information as such.

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