Redirected "CLI" generates many "CLI>" during inaction

We call asterisk as part of our processing. Optionally, to provide debugging output, we include “-c” in the asterisk command to provide “CLI” information. When this is done the output file includes a very large number of the prompts “CLI>” making the file VERY large. I’m guessing that this has something to do with how asterisk runs with “-c” (CLI), without an actual terminal input. Is there any way to run with “-c”, redirecting to a file and reduce/avoid the excessive “CLI>” prompts?

I just tried adding “< /dev/null” on the slight chance that would silence the never ending prompt string but that did not work for me.

Thanks for your attention.

Asterisk command:
asterisk -vvv -c -C /nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/asterisk/asterisk.conf > /nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/ast97_ao8_ps_01.alog 2>/nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/ast97_ao8_ps_01.elog &

Asterisk output file(ast97_ao8/ast97_ao8_ps_01.alog):

[code]Privilege escalation protection disabled!
See for more details.
Asterisk 11.12.1, Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Digium, Inc. and others.
Created by Mark Spencer
Asterisk comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; type ‘core show warranty’ for details.
This is free software, with components licensed under the GNU General Public
License version 2 and other licenses; you are welcome to redistribute it under
certain conditions. Type ‘core show license’ for details.

[ Initializing Custom Configuration Options ]
== Parsing ‘/nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/asterisk/extconfig.conf’: Found
== Parsing ‘/nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/asterisk/logger.conf’: Found
… omitted for brevity
== Registered custom function ‘QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT’
== Registered custom function 'QUEUE_MEMBER_PENALTY’ => (True Call Queueing)
== Parsing ‘/nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/asterisk/cli_permissions.conf’: Found
Asterisk Ready.
== Parsing ‘/nfs/newadmin/public/users/crs/testbuddy/log/ast97_ao8/asterisk/cli.conf’: Found
*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@*CLI> ^@[/code]

Enable the relevant logs in logger.conf, and use them instead. This has the added benefit that all the lines are timestamped and you can even opt for millisecond resolution timestamps.

Setting up logger.conf works well.
I’m a bit disappointed that the SIP listing doesn’t include the REGISTRATION of the phones during setup.