Redirect call to soundcard loudspeaker

Hello all,

i have to solve the following problem with Asterisk (Vers. and IP Phone .

The Asterisk System is installed on Rapberry PI Model B Rev 2 with wolfson audio sound card. in Asterisk there are five SIP – phones registered. What I have to do is that the SIP Phone (Hardware not softphone) with ID “1000” should also use external loudspeaker which is connected to soundcard of Raspberry PI.

The System is only for internal communication in building network. My problem is now – how to get the same audio Signal on external speaker which is connected to the soundcard. When ID “1000” is called you should hear the voice from the other part on loudspeaker.

I m not sure how to solve problem. I have found in google some issues like dial(console/Alsa) but at the moment i don´t know how to “redirect” the audio signal (for ID “1000”) to loudspeaker and how the extensions.conf commands are.

At the moment I can call to each phone this function worked well.

I would be pleased if I could get some help .

Best regards

Anything involving the sound card, or Raspberry Pi, tends to be hobbyist related, so there will not be much expertise around, but basically you will need to set up a conference to the console channel. You may need to use AMI to be able to answer the call.

o.k. it seems like that is not to be easy to solve the problem.

Which Asterisk function could help me to solving the task.

Are there any exampels ?

Did you take a look at this? … sound+card

Thank you - i will tray it. Have you done this before.


On a standard hardware it’s achieved with chan_alsa .

On Raspberry you may face problems , involving you to recompile the Linux kernel. As I remember, our IT guys spent much time to solve the unclear problem of impossibility of sound output on RPi.

I know that finally they installed Arch Linux and recompiled the kernel. And they started with Raspbian.