Redfone fonebridge experts?

I am in the UK and have recently purchased two dual fonebridge devices for use with an asterisk server. I have 4 E1s that I wish to use them with. At the moment I am just trying to get one to work.

Upon connecting the fonebridge to power, the status LEDs are immediately solid red, is this normal?

I have connected the E1/T1 crossover cables to the fonebridge and the PRI as presented by my service provider (Verizon).

The fonebrdige is patched with the latest firmware from your website

Configured the redfone.conf with the appropriate settings to use CCS, HDB3 with CRC4 as instructed by Verizon. (See below)

I have configured the zaptel.conf following the instructions in your quick start guide (see below)

Running the fonulator program seems to work as I see packets being received by the interface.

Zttool however reports that both spans have YELLOW alarms… even if I remove the T1 crossover cables it still reports the same. Can I get more info on the error. Do you have any suggestions?

I have double and triple checked the MAC addresses, so I am sure they are correct.

Any help is greatfully received.

Ps. The first time I run ztcfg after loading zaptel I get “Zaptel dynamic span creation failed: File Existsâ€