Recording Playback Garbled, IAX calls, MOH perfect

I am running the SRTP branch of * downloaded from svn on 03-23-09. I also have:




compiled and installed. The issue is that both SIP and IAX calls work without problems, but if I try an echo-test or any playback() application (for voicemail prompts, etc), the playback is extremely garbled; For instance the echo-test message takes 3 times as long as it should, with the message playing in spurts of one or two unintelligible syllables at a time.

There are currently no analog cards installed.

I have tested with ztdummy loaded and unloaded.

I have tried switching file formats, as noted in some other postings both in this forum and on the mailing lists, but this does not help.

My server is an HP ProLiant ML150, quad core processor and 1G of ram.

We ordered 4G of Ram, but it has not arrived. Could this be the cause of the problem? there are a total of 15 users, and not more than 2 calls at one time typically.

Strange thing is that I have an old Toshiba laptop with a 2.0 pentium 4 and 512MB RAM that I use for testing - it works great on the same network.

Is there any further information I can provide to help rack down this problem?

I would also like to add the following observations; possible can shed some more light here:

I installed *NOW as a test, and got the same results.

SIP calls are loud and clear, IAX calls are clear but very quiet.

‘Not Available’, Echo Test and other pre-recorded messages are garbled when calling via IAX, but clear as a bell when using SIP

What could be causing this?

My iax.conf has:


What else can I look for to test?

what version of asterisk is this? i know there were some problems with recordings in some versions of 1.4.

‘core show version’ says:

Asterisk SVN-group-srtp-r183146m-/trunk built by (me) on a i686 running linux on 2009-04-16

So I am assuming it is part of the 1.6 version.

I did read of some of the 1.4 problems, but that did not seem to explain why the same messages (‘nobody available’, ‘this is an echo-test’, etc) played fine when tested with a SIP call, but were garbled when tested with an IAX call.

I am happy to provide any further info; I have exhausted all the ideas I had - low memory, bad build, network problems, etc.

As a test, I wiped the hard drive and installed *NOW. Everything works just fine. I also edited the conf files and the DB to use the same IAX encryption that my compiled versions were running; no problems at all.

So now I am compiling a plain-vanilla * install, hoping to find a clue.

will report.

I am banging my head for past one week. *NOW 1.5 installed with everything fine only playback over IAX only breaks heavily. Earlier even voice over IAX was breaking as well. But unchecking echocancel and echotraining from dahdi configuration took out the IAX voip problem. But still playback voice is totally jerky. Please help