Autodestruct on dialog &task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks

I’m running Asterisk 15.20 on centos 7.4 ( previously was 11.7)

I have trouble this month , like that
WARNING[22550] chan_sip.c: Autodestruct on dialog ‘adcce3aac2fdf64b2da4ab4d00759930@14.1XX.106.XX’ with owner SIP/trucksz2E1-000091eb in place (Method: BYE). Rescheduling destruction for 10000 ms
WARNING[15971][C-00004f03] taskprocessor.c: The ‘subp:ast_channel_topic_all-00005fe7’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks.
When troubles arise, I can only restart asterisk to recover.

Can anyone help me or provide some good ideas?


The autodestruct message is normally a dialplan error (excessive processing in hangup handler/h extension).

However combined it could be a deadlock, see

Please provide logs as plain text, so they be searched, not images.

Thank you david.
I tried to upload the log file but could not upload it successfully.

I tried Getting a Backtrace, but I can’t do it (because I can’t recompile asterisk and add DONT_OPTIMIZE, BETTER_BACKTRACES),
So I can only try to optimize base.agi, but today the problem has appeared again. I have intercepted two different conversation logs, full_1 is the first record of the Autodestruct on dialog log.
And full_2 is the normal log, I see two logs in the last part will have a big difference? I can not understand
Due to the time difference, I may not be able to see your message in time and reply to you in time, thank you
full_1.txt (78.4 KB) full_2.txt (75.3 KB)

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