Receiving call on the cli

Hi, i’m new on Asterisk
I’m using softphone to make and receiving calls(just to test if the configuration is ok), but now I want to know if there’s some way to make and receive calls direclty from cli, without using softphones?

I saw another topic that making calls is possible, but i didn’t see anything about receiving calls, i’m sorry if this is a dumb question.

Yes, if one side is going to be an internal service. Use the originate command.

Otherwise, there is the possibility of using a sound card in association with the console, but I would consider the sound card channels to be proof of concept, rather than production, code.

I dont know if I expressed myself right
Basically I need to make a call between a SIP phone and a PSTN Phone
Preferably without using a softphone

The process of calling the PSTN should be the same regardless of if you are using a softphone or a hardphone.