Sip call from cli

Hi mates. I want to make a call between, for example, 101 and 102, in the same context, for exameple context=home. Do you know how can i do it from the asterisk cli?

Use the originate command.

I have used it, but i think in the worng way. for example i used:
originate SIP/102 extension 101@home
And them i recive a call on device registred as 102, but the caller is:
Them nothing sound.
I used port 5061 for asterisk.

I don’t think you can set the caller ID from the console originate. You would have to originate to a local channel to do that.

Extension 101, in context home, should be called once device 102 answers. If that is not happening, you need to provide more detailed logging.

Thanks so much for your reply, im new with asterisk but ill try to do what you have said.

Well, i will try to explain better. My project is a VOIP intercom with video. I have instaled asterisk on a raspberry pi 3b, as a local server. Them in the same raspberry, i have installed ekiga to take the video from a raspicam and the audio from a USB sound card. I have changed the port from ekiga to solve the port problem. I registred ekiga as extension 102, and my phone as 101. Them I want to make the call between each peer when I press a button. Now i am searching about “click to call”, but at this moment, i have only found it on a webserber.

Look at using a call file or using AMI or ARI to originate the call.

All three can specify variables such as caller ID.

If anyone is interested on it, i solved the problem using linphone CLI, making an .sh file and when i press the button console execute linphonecsh dial xx@xxxxxx…

I’d love to see a whole writeup on your project, it sounds cool.

As soon as i end it, i will post it :slight_smile: