RECEIVE TEXT is supported by chan_PJSIP?

I am migrating an application that used RECEIVE_TEXT in a chan_SIP with no problems, but when using chan_PJSIP, it always return -1. If I put timeout = 0, it returns -1 on the spot, if I put another value, I see how the SIP MESSAGE arrives with the text and it does not return anything until the end of the timeout (it returns -1).
Does Chan_PJSIP support this command?

Thanks in advance

What RECEIVE_TEXT are you referring to? In general PJSIP does support text messaging.

Hi, Thank you for answering so quickly.

I`m talking about of the following AGI command:


### Synopsis

Receives text from channels supporting it.

### Description

Receives a string of text on a channel. Most channels do not support the reception of text. Returns -1 for failure or 1 for success, and the string in parenthesis.

### Syntax


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