Receiving SIP Text Messages (Asterisk 10)

Hi everyone,

I installed Asterisk 10, because I saw the new Text Messaging functionality … tMessaging

Basically I want to receive SIP Text Messages with asterisk.

Following the documentation I was able to use the accept_outofcall_message, “auth_message_requests” and outofcall_message_context options to successfully route the text messages to my dial plan.

So every time a new SIP TEXT MESSAGE arrives, Asterisk sends the “call” to my dial plan, to the extension I want, however I am not able to get the content of the message using my AGI application.

According to the Asterisk 10 documentation, a new function MESSAGE is supposed to be available to be used within the dial plan to process these messages, but there is no function registered with that name in my asterisk 10 system.

I see that the SIP TEXT MESSAGE arrives and that asterisk accepts it:

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK914364437
From: “kennia” sip:kennia@MY_SERVER;tag=803796722
To: sip:800@MY_SERVER
Call-ID: 3136031@
Contact: sip:kennia@
Max-Forwards: 30
User-Agent: DBLE
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Length: 27

Text of the message appears here
— (11 headers 2 lines) —
Receiving message!

Then asterisk correctly sends the message to my dial plan where I have an AGI application waiting for it.

But how can I get the content of the message within the AGI Script?

I already tried with the “RECEIVE TEXT” command, the SMS application and the MESSAGE dial plan function that is supposed to be available within asterik 10, according to … tMessaging

I am not able to get the body of the message in the AGI script, any help about how to do so will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!.