Reboot Phone from CLI (remotely)?

Secretaries that don’t know what a web browser is, also cannot unplug a phone and plug it back in!!! true story

It would help to be able to reboot a phone from the command line. I found documentation that listed some commands and tried these in asterisk’s cli:

ip, sip extension, phone mac

sip notify polycom-check-cfg
sip notify polycom-check-cfg 5003
sip notify polycom-check-cfg 0004f305824d

test was done on a polycom 501 which was registered to asterisk 1.2.6

none caused the phone to physically power down and restart

Any ideas?

*Note: using 1.2.X asterisk because 1.4 is unfit for a production environment.

Make a minor change to the config file. normally check_cfg only reboots if the config is different.

Or if you can work out what the browser command would be use wget, This is what I do with Aastra sets



this needed a “1”,


this needed a “1”, in sip.cfg