Realtime Queue Ringall Strategy Calls With HANGUPCAUSE is 26 and DIALSTATUS is CANCEL

What is mean by HANGUPCAUSE is 26 and DIALSTATUS is CANCEL
i have created a ringall strategy queue with 7 members with Local Channel to external mobile number.and im using realtime queue.
Call are not ringing to all members simultaneously , and in queue log the call with HANGUPCAUSE = 26 and DIALSTATUS = CANCEL is not logged. i have logged this manually for every call in dial plan h extension.Pls help me to find a solution

Asterisk queues will cancel all the remaining outgoing calls when one of them answers, or the timeout is reached. In the latter case, depending on the settings, it will typically try to call them again after the configured delay.

For cause codes, see:

or any other list of ISDN cause codes.

There are options for CDRs that cause CDRs to be generated for unproductive calls.

Im using SIP trunk and i have added

in cdr.conf, let me check and will reply

I missed to mention this.
Reason_Tech is SIP 180 Ringing and Reason_Ast is Normal Clearing

Hi David,
call log is in the cdr table but not in the queue_log can i enable this? any solution.

channeldefaultenabled is a relatively new option that controls whether CDR is done at all, not whether CDRs are generated for “unproductive calls”. If set to no, it will completely disable all CDR unless explicitly enabled on a channel.

I think you are thinking of either the unanswered or congestion settings?

I slipped up linking to the actual line. I actually intended to point to the unanswered and congestion ones.

Both are already enabled, im getting the cdr reports but this is ringall queue and this type of calls are not logged in queue_log table. (agent report)

Hi David,
Any suggestion to resolve this issue?

I’m not 100% clear what the problem is. The headline issue appears to be normal behaviour to me.

Realtime Queue Ringall Strategy Calls With HANGUPCAUSE is 26 and DIALSTATUS is CANCEL

This type of calls are not inserted into queue_log table as this call is dialed to a queue member in ringall strategy. But these are inserted into the cdr table, why these calls not logging in queue logs for agent reports

The ones resulting from the timeout and retry cycle are artefacts of how the system works. I think including them would be considered noise. As to the agents who lost the race to answer the call, I think the queue log concentrates more on the client experience than the reaction times of agents. You can infer lazy agents from the lack of calls that they do answer.

i have manually logged this into queue_log database using


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