Realtime dialplan


we just set up Asterisk13, set up static sip.conf and extensions.conf - all is working great. Now we want to tranfer all this to realtime using LDAP. While requesting SIP-Peers and -users is working, no dialplan is loaded and no request to LDAP could be seen.

Here is extensions.conf


switch => Realtime/local@

and the extconfig.conf

[settings] extensions => ldap,"ou=sip,dc=test,dc=de",extensions

LDAP connection over res_ldap.conf is working and [extensions] section in extconfig.conf exists. We’re using an external LDAP-server.

Looking into network traffic there is no LDAP request send. We also tried to use ODBC and MySQL - also no requests were send.

May you have a suggestion what’s going wrong?
Thank you for your help!


Have you been able to figure this out? I’m struggling with the same issue here