Realtime / db limit

I seem to be caught in a circle with getting ARA to perform correctly with sip registrations.

So everything works until the database layer is backed and then sip registrations begin to be delayed, then the phones go to a lagged state.

Is there a way to tune the registration events less frequently to reduce the number of updates or the other one would be to see if I can make the Sip registrations part to be in a in memory table.
I have only about 700 peers so its not like it that many but when the db tier slows down it doesn’t take long for things to get really bad.

There are two SIP channel drivers each with their own configuration but they each include options to configure minimum and maximum registry time. It’s ultimately a suggestion though and the frequency at which the remote side re-registers could end up being lower.

Generally though you do not want to connect Asterisk to a database that doesn’t respond within a reasonable time. You can improve the situation but you can only do so much.

I wont disagree,

But I see some odd issues. I get IOWait times around 30% on the DB tier. Then basically things go really bad as I can’t keep updating the sipregistraions fast enough. I’ve been trying to tune my way out but so far to no avail.

The engine is using galera with Mariadb 10.1 on Rhel 7.

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