Is the equivalent of register=>. possible with ARA/Realtime?


I’m trying (without success :frowning: ) to use ARA/Realtime mode with auto registration (on SIP). I mean I’m trying to implement the equivalent of “register => username:password@domaine” using a database.
I’m testing this on a two-asterisk architecture, so I’m supposed to see a connection coming from the first Asterisk when I add a new entry to my MySQL table.

To activate the Realtime, I installed a standard MySQL server (Ubuntu), and activated the corresponding module in Asterisk ( which is (modules.conf).
Next, I modified the extconfig.conf file:

sippeers => mysql,asterisk,sipfriends sipregs => mysql,asterisk,sipregs

Then, I configured an ‘asterisk’ block in the res_config_mysql.conf file:

[asterisk] dbhost = dbname = asterisk dbuser = XYZ dbpass = XXXXXX dbport = 3306 dbsock = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock dbcharset = latin1 requirements=createclose

I created the corresponding tables in a database named ‘asterisk’: sipfriends comes from and sipregs was a littile harder to find, but I’m using:

CREATE TABLE `sipregs` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` char(40) DEFAULT NULL, `ipaddr` char(45) DEFAULT NULL, `port` smallint(5) unsigned DEFAULT NULL, `regseconds` int(10) DEFAULT NULL, `defaultuser` char(10) DEFAULT NULL, `fullcontact` char(35) DEFAULT NULL, `regserver` char(20) DEFAULT NULL, `useragent` char(20) DEFAULT NULL, `lastms` int(10) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `name` (`name`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=2 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

For the entries set in sippeers (in the sipfriends table), it works fine, the routing is done correctly, and I see the queries done by Asterisk in the SQL database when a call comes in. However, for sipregs: nothing. I see the queries done to the database for the sipregs table, but never I see any peer registered on the remote Asterisk (when doing it by hand using the flat file sip.conf with a register => …, it works perfectly).

Normally, I have to create an entry in the sipfriends table including an attribute ‘name’ set to ‘foobar’, and in the sipregs table, if I create an entry with ‘name’ set to ‘foobar’, this should trigger the ‘register’.

My frist question: Does Asterisk really support/work like this? I ask this question because when one does a normal register (flat files), Asterisk connects on the remote Asterisk [color=#BF0000]IMMEDIATELY[/color] (that’s register’s goal, right?), and not when a new call comes in. I don’t see in my logs Asterisk regularly querying the database to see if a new record was added to the sipregs table…

My second question: If it should work, how do I do this? What did I do wrong?

My third question: If Asterisk isn’t capable of triggering registrations when using Realtime, how can I go around this? (I need to dynamically create/delete several registers on a regular frequent basis, and modifying the text files/reloading asterisk is kind of dirty, especially if I have to do this several times a minute… :question: )

Thanks for your help,

So nobody knows/managed to implement the equivalent of a “register” with Asterisk Realtime/SQL database? If that’s the case, is it because ‘it doesn’t work’, or because it’s not yet implemented (it would be strange as there’s a sipregs family defined)?

Should I file a bug report for this?


I am faced with same problem. I can see sipregs tables modified whenever a sipphone is registered to any of the asterisk server in a cluster. But this information is not available in other members of cluster.

Is DUNDI a solution for this. I am going to check it.