Realtime asterisk SIP status

Hi there,

I am running asterisk realtime configuration on asterisk 1.8

I want to check sip status of that which sip user are connected and which are not, like we use “sip show peers” command to check non-realtime sip users.

Is there any configuration that “sip show users” command can show the realtime sip status as well.

Sohaib Khan

You can use the command “sip show peer userid” where the userid is the …userid.

So you can only see the status of one account at a time.

You could of course write a script that collects all the accounts form the database and use the "asterisk -rx “sip show peer $userid” command.

Thank you Dear.

I found another solution, I enabled “rtcachefriends=yes” option in sip.conf, so it start caching the users which are getting registered on server. and on running command “sip show peers” it show those users as well which are based on realtime database.

thank you

Sohaib Khan

is not a good solution because with rtcachefriends=yes you cant edit your peers in realtime, for example, to change context you must made reload. With rtcachefriends=no it will be changed immidiately.