Read dtmf during call

I want read dtmf from during call

  1. 1111 call to 2222
  2. 2222 answer
  3. 1111 or 2222 press key for sent dtmf

i know application read() for receive and get dtmf to variable but !! read working before or after dial() not same time.

Can you help me.please…

== extensions.conf==
exten => 1111,1,Dial(SIP/1111)
exten => 2222,1,Dial(SIP/2222)

where insert “Read(NUMBER,1,3,)”

Thank you,and I’m sorry, my English isn’t very good. :astonished:

What do you want to do with a number that you read during a call? Please describe the use case.

thx: dejanst :blush:

I tested the example below :
exten => 1234,1,Answer()
exten => 1234,2,Background(hello-world)
exten => 1234,3,Background(you-press-number)
exten => 1234,4,Read(NUMBER,1,3)
exten => 1234,5,GotoIf($[${NUMBER}==1]?6:4)
exten => 1234,6,System(python /home/need/Desktop/python-testing/
exten => 1234,7,Read(NUMBER,1,3)
exten => 1234,8,GotoIF(($[${NUMBER}==1]?9:6)
exten => 1234,9,System(python /home/need/Desktop/python-testing/
exten => 1234,10,Goto(4)
exten => 1234,n,Hangup()

i want run script python .

Background should be Playback, although you’ll be OK if you don’t key any digits whilst it is playing.

Priority 11 is unreachable.

What actually happened?

thx david55:
i must read dtmf from softphone when talking.

application : dial() is talking and read() read dtmf in same time.
comment 3 : show part of read dtmf, i want dial() join read() .

thank you :wink:

If you want to enable stuff during the call session create a new feature via the features.conf file.

thx : navaismo :astonished:
Are you show example of feature ? please.
i don’t know about feature but i test create applicationmap in feature.conf does not work.

thank you.

This is the example that I have right now: … e.html?m=1

In the step 7 you will find the dialplan entry, in the step 11 the features.conf configuration. In that case during a call you can press 88 to run a bash script.

Use the google translation tool on top of the page to find your language.

can any one help plz …
i want to store value which I press in calltime …
if I get valu so next calling cantext we run which is called using goto