DTMF: Read DTMF input during a call conversation

Working on to read the DTMF during the call conversation.

but getting a below error while configuring a feature.

[25159][C-0000000d]: pbx.c:2927 pbx_extension_helper: No application 'Set ’ for extension (console, 201, 3)

I have done the extenstions.conf file as below.

exten => _X.,1,NoOp({EXTEN}) same => n,Wait(2) same => n, Set (__ DYNAMIC_FEATURES = toggle) same => n,Dial(PJSIP/{EXTEN},20)


toggle => 1, peer, System, sh /etc/asterisk/toggle.sh

Making a call from ext 202 to 201 (local exts)

Remove the space before the (.

Also, please mark up configuration and logs as pre-formatted text.

Thank a lot!!!

Its working!! :slight_smile:

I can run a bash script successfully.

How can I get a call details when user input a digit or number?

like who is caller and receiver?


Thanks again.

I have gone through some example and reference links as well and found below details.

As per the example, To retrieve call information below example has been given.

retrieveinfo => #8,peer,Set(ARRAY(CDR(mark),CDR(name))={ODBC_FOO({CALLERID(num)})})

but I need to pass these information with System application argument in my below script.

toggle=>1,peer,System,sh /etc/asterisk/toggle.sh

And as per this link Asterisk 13 Application_System - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

it has only one argument then how can I pass the argument in bash file?

You need to call a subroutine, although it does look as though run time variable substitution is performed, so you may be able to do all that is needed in features.conf.

You also need to mark things up as pre-formatted, for the forum.

I thought you wanted to read, not set, the caller ID, and I’ve no idea why you are accessing a database, and if you are, ODBC_FOO is something that had to be defined, not a literal. I think you need more support than I’m able to provide.

Thank you for the help and support I really really appreciate it.

Yes, I just need a caller and receiver’s ext number that’s.

You are right, I don’t require any database connection.

Actually, I just shared the example which I found and I’m not using it.

You also need to mark things up as pre-formatted, for the forum.

Sorry but did not get you. Can you please clear it?

Look a the markup menu, at the top of the reply box and hover over each item until you see the appropriate one.

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Got it.

Thank you again.

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