Read core dump with gdb


I’ve been having some problems lately with asterisk crashing:

[size=85] Jul 10 11:20:01 DI-SDA-26 kernel: asterisk[29227]: segfault at 7fc20d31e8f0 ip 00000038ab32832c sp 00007fbf6193d298 error 4 in[38ab200000+18a000] Jul 10 13:16:38 DI-SDA-26 kernel: asterisk[29440]: segfault at 7f90b023af90 ip 000000000044915f sp 00007f92000f4970 error 4 in asterisk[400000+1fb000][/size]

so I tried to read the coredump using this:

and I get this

[size=85]Reading symbols from /usr/sbin/asterisk...error: dbiOpen: dbapi 1 not available error: cannot open Packages database in error: dbiOpen: dbapi 1 not available [/size]

my version of asterisk is Asterisk 11.13.0-53

any help would be appreciated.