React / PHP SoftPhone

Hello, can any one share React 0r PHP Softphone Supporting Asterisk. need to find one.

Here are some options for both React and PHP-based softphones that support integration with Asterisk:

  1. React Softphones:
  • React Native WebRTC: You can utilize WebRTC libraries in React Native to create a softphone application. Libraries like react-native-webrtc can be used for real-time communication.
  • Twilio Flex: Twilio Flex is a programmable contact center platform that provides a React-based UI for building softphones. It supports integration with Asterisk.
  1. PHP Softphones:
  • PHP-SIP: PHP-SIP is a PHP implementation of a SIP softphone. It allows you to make SIP calls directly from your PHP application. You can integrate it with Asterisk for VoIP communication.
  • Zoiper PHP SDK: Zoiper provides a PHP SDK that allows you to integrate Zoiper’s softphone functionality into your PHP applications. Zoiper supports SIP and can be integrated with Asterisk.

Remember to check the documentation and compatibility of each solution with your specific requirements and Asterisk setup.

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Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

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