Rare problem in asterisk!

Hello world, I’M using Fedora Core 8 and i have installed asterisk, it’s working correctly. Yesterday I turn on my asterisk and a few hours later, I couldn’t call to me asterisk I don’t know why. I think that the asterisk stop or the cpu has been in Hybernate state and the asterisk down.

Do you have any aideas about this cause?


your guess is as good as ours without and log files to look at…


login to your box and type asterisk if it says it’s already running then you have to look elsewhere. but you should check your log’s in /var/log/ there are many files you can have a look at


ps -ef |grep asterisk

will show you if the asterisk process is still running

asterisk -rx “show uptime”

will show you how long its been running and

finally the system logs are in

/var/log and its messages you want to look at

and for asterisk specific logs look at

/var/log/asterisk/full or messages