Quiet calls via pstn

i have AAH connected to pstn via digium TDM01B

had been testing it on telewest line (UK cable company) with very little issues.
now moved to a BT line and had several that i anticipated from infomation on this list.
the one that has caught me out is low volume from the caller via pstn.

using sipura spa-941’s and have to push the volume up to hear.
is there a setting that can correct this


i’m sure you’ll get a similar answer from the digium list you posted this too … read the docs on zapata.conf, particularly rxgain and txgain. and make sure you’re loading wctdm with opermode=UK

messed about with rx/tx but firing in the dark initially.
caught out because of the BT line changes…

are you blindly making changes, or running ztmonitor to see the levels ? found in your /usr/src/zaptel directory.

blindly making changes :smile:
but will now be running ztmonitor