Queues ringall and freeing members


Maybe a bit obvious question and maybe I did something wrong, but here is the schema I want to get

  • Calls are served by Queue with ringall stragegy (autofill = yes, ringinuse = no, agents are done via Local channels with /n option)
  • Call come to queue and Agent A answers.
  • While Agent A is on the phone, new call comes in. It’s not arriving to Agent A device (which is correct) and rings on other devices.
  • Agent A finish the call in a few seconds, but new call is not hitting his device, in queue show <queue> status of Agent A shown as Not In Use

Is there any way of dynamically add newly free agents to current call with ringall strategy?

One of the options could be timeout/retrytimeout combination, but this will give many missed calls records on the phone and the logs.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: As of now it’s workarounded with ringinuse = yes, but at esthetic level I don’t like new calls on the phone while I’m on the call.

have you tried looking into the C option to Queue() application to mark all calls as “answered elsewhere”? This will percolate up to the channel drivers, for example, with PJSIP it will add text to the Reason header ie. “Call completed elsewhere”, which may or may not display on your phone screen (depends on your phone.)

would this help ?

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The list of candidate agents at the start of each timeout/retry cycle. All the calls are dropped and a new set of agents are called, which may overlap the previous set. Agents can’t be added to an existing call whilst others are being rung.

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Thanks, will try this one if it’s propagated through using of the Local channels

Thanks, that was my original assumption, but was not sure 100%

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