Queues - Member to external phone number

Is there a way to have a queue member go to an external phone number?

I am using Asterisk 1.4.19 with a TDM400 card with two lines and additional SIP channels through the Internet. I would like to be able to route the external call through both the ZAP channel and the SIP Internet service.

context => queueTestVoicemail
musiconhold = default
strategy = ringall
timeout = 30
retry = 5
maxlen = 0
announce-frequency = 20
announce-holdtime = no
periodic-announce-frequency= 20
queue-youarenext = queue-youarenext
queue-thereare = queue-thereare
queue-callswaiting = queue-callswaiting
queue-holdtime = queue-holdtime
queue-minutes = queue-minutes
queue-seconds = queue-seconds
queue-thankyou = queue-thankyou
queue-lessthan = queue-less-than
queue-reporthold = queue-reporthold
periodic-announce = NSSIqueuevoicemail
member => SIP/7102
member => ?/nnnnnnnnn

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The simple answer is yes you can, use either Local/12322352@context or SIP/121434@peer

The complicated answer is to then use a macro for the call so that called users press a number to accept the call.


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