Queue Member of external number

I want to ring the lines in the queue internally than try to ring an external number, if it times out then quit. My problem is that when I get to the external number it auto answers and leaves the queue, even if the call fails. Here is some code:

[6500] fullname=CallQueue1 strategy=rrmemory timeout=15 wrapuptime=15 autofill=no autopause=no joinempty=yes leavewhenempty=no reportholdtime=yes maxlen=0 musicclass=default member=SIP/101 member=SIP/102 member=SIP/trunk_2/18885558080


[voicemenu] ... exten=1,1,Playback(record/Thankyou_pog) exten=1,2,Wait(2) exten=1,3,Queue(6500,tT,,,45) ...

I have located the basic problem, when I issue any type of VOIP outbound connection the outbound sip server sends an answer call and then dials the number. I guess a successful connect to a sip server counts the same as if someone picks up the phone. What I want to know is how to work around this? How can I make it realize that a connect is only good after the ring tones have ended?

Are you saying that the downstream server is sending 200 OK, but continuing to send ringback tone?

If so, I’d say it was seriously broken; that sort of behaviour can lead callers to think they are not being charged, when they actually are. The downstream server needs fixing, rather than working round. Working round would probably require that you interpose a local channel, but I’m not sure that there is any standard function to look for NOT ringback tone on an outgoing line, and I’m not sure that you can prevent the Answer propagating, without modifying the Asterisk source code.

If you are saying that the downstream server is sending 183 Progress, and Asterisk is treating this as Answer, you probably have an Asterisk bug. If this is happening on a current version, you should report it.

I recommend you start up a wireshark trace and see what is actually happenning on the line. Send the SIP trace to your provider as that would help prove your case tremendously. Also I’m assuming that you are not referring to the queue call is considered answered when it hits the external number’s voicemail.